Monthly Archives: February 2013

Netduino + WP8: Real life Maze game

When I was young my parents bought me a wooden maze game. I loved that thing. I don’t think I ever cared much for the actual maze element – but the mechanism to tilt the stage was intriguing, and very simple.

When I remembered it the other day I managed to both find it online, and actually find my original one in an old cupboard from storage.

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More Netduino + WP8 + Bluetooth fun- 3D reconstruction

Following my previous post on Bluetooth with the Netduino, I thought I would extend it a bit.

The goal for this project is the following: Have a Netduino sending it’s orientation data (XYZ) over Bluetooth to WP8 which displays a 3D representation of it (at the right angle of course), and for bonus points attach a potentiometer to control the zoom.

Netduino + Sonar + WP8 + Bluetooth – Controlling sound with your mind

OK, maybe not with your mind, but at the very least, your hand.

The objective here was to add a sonar (ultrasonic) sensor to the Netduino, work out how close my hand was, and then send that info over Bluetooth to Windows Phone 8 and display it. Bonus points for doing something useful with the data (yes, controlling the volume of the Imperial March is totally useful!).

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