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1bit Image Converter

NOTE: I’ve updated this, go here for the latest version.

While writing this series on developing for the AGENT smartwatch I hit a problem. To convert images to 1bit for use on the watch, I use Photohop, but not everyone has access to that. There are however free alternatives like Paint.NET and GIMP, but it looks like Paint.NET cannot save true 1bit images (at least without a plugin), and I almost stabbed my eyes out with a blunt butter knife when I opened GIMP.

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Developing for the AGENT smartwatch: Part 1

This entry is part 1 of 3 in the series Developing for the AGENT smartwatch


Welcome to the first part of my series on developing apps and watchfaces for the AGENT smartwatch! Each part will cover a specific function, and will be relatively short. The target group is both people who have not coded before, and people that have coded, but not for the AGENT.


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My Metro-3D AGENT watch-face

If you haven’t heard about the AGENT smartwatch then you have managed to find a rather large rock to hide under. Go ahead and check it out here: (spoiler: it’s awesome).

The wife and I just took a week off in the mountains for our anniversary and I discovered that I am terrible at not working, and barely had internet (roaming on EDGE). So I played around with the AGENT SDK a bit. It is simple enough to use without having any docs or guides – which is rather useful.

Anyway, below is the first watch-face that I have made. It’s inspired from the Windows Phone flipping start screen tiles. The SecretLabs team haven’t mentioned much about battery usage – so there isn’t really any way to tell how much the animations will effect the battery. Personally I am fine with getting a prettier watch at the cost of a few days battery, but I may provide a setting to disable the seconds which will just have the minutes and hours flipping.

(Ignore the GIF artifacts)

The top bar stretched across the screen from the left is to indicate the current battery life. Once it is below a certain percent the text will start showing which is an estimate of how much is left. Notifications could be overlayed at the top too (once we have more guidance on that).

Let me know what you think!