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Amazon reviews from the PS4 and Xbox One next-gen console wars

The Xbox one has now been out for a couple days – which has given it enough time to gain a fair number of reviews on Amazon. The same goes for the PS4 which has had quite a bit more time.

However taking a look at the them reveals that a significant number of scathing 1* reviews are not considered “verified”, which means that the person didn’t actually buy the product from Amazon. Now, that doesn’t mean those are all fake, but it’s pretty easy to see that die-hard fanboys from both sides of the fence are attempting to create bad rep for the other.

I was interested to work out how many of these reviews were just created by trolls, so I wrote a bit of code to scrape all the reviews (only from and then attempted to make sense of them in the graphs below.

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Make dirt-cheap electronics with the ATTiny45 + Arduino Nano

I make a lot of little gadgets using the Netduino because it is such a good prototyping tool. The SDK and dev tools (Visual Studio) are very mature and usually just work. But mainly, being able to code in C# (including intellisense) is just awesome (the Arduino IDE is rather basic, and I’m not a fan of Wiring). The problem is that these boards start at $35 so it’s not feasible to put them into every little project – plus for most things the Netduino is far more powerful than what you need.

That’s where the ATTiny chips come in. They are a range of tiny little chips that use barely any power, and can control whatever you want them to. Plus, you can burn Arduino onto them to make the coding really easy.


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Why you shouldn’t go to IMAX Gateway

Years ago we had a massive IMAX theatre at Gateway in Durban. Unfortunately it was closed down. But SterKinekor came to the rescue this month and launched the IMAX experience once again for South Africa.

We went to Gateway this last Sunday, very excited to watch Thor on IMAX. Upon arriving at the original area where the IMAX used to be, we were redirected to cinema 18 amongst the rest of the normal cinemas. This was rather puzzling as we couldn’t figure out how there was enough space to fit it in.

Well, turns out that there isn’t enough space. SterKinekor’s new “IMAX” theatre is actually just a normal sized screen, in a normal sized theatre. All they have done is replace the traditional projector with an IMAX one – and curved the screen. Besides the tiny screen, there also seems to be some problem with the 3D, because it was blurred all around the edges. Then there were the terribly designed staircase LED’s that stop people from tripping. Instead of shining the LED’s downwards, they shine upwards right into your face. Ever looked directly into a bright blue LED? Yeah – you’re going to spend 2 hours doing that.

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