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Windows Phone controlled car with Netduino and Bluetooth

The houses in Durban, South Africa (where I live) usually have some form of gap underneath them that ranges from 30cm to big enough to crawl inside. As far as I know it is for ventilation to help with the heat. The problem is that a bunch of squeaky rodents have decided that mine is a good home, and unfortunately the gap is pretty small so I can’t fit. So I decided to make a little car that could go scout out the area and show me what was going on under there, and possibly how to stop it.

So I built a little Bluetooth controlled car using a Netduino and a Windows Phone as a remote.

My puppy seems to be a fan.

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Creating a Bluetooth game controller for Windows Phone with ATTiny + Arduino

It is 2014 and control-schemes on touch screens still pretty much suck. Yes, touch is suited for a lot of games, but it just doesn’t work for shooters and racing games. That’s why there are companies like MOGA making game controllers specifically designed for phones.

I decided to make my own with an ATTiny connected to Windows Phone over Bluetooth.

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Update for my AGENT 1-bit image converter (1bitter)

You may remember the little app I wrote to convert images to real 1-bit gifs for use on the AGENT smartwatch (or wherever else you need).

Yesterday @philchuang requested that I add a threshold to the app to select how colors translate to black/white, along with a live preview. It’s a pretty good idea so I’ve just added that in.

There is now a new section which has a slider at the top that allows you to select the threshold. As you slide the preview image changes. I’ve only tested on my laptop, but perf shouldn’t be a problem.


Here are a few images to demonstrate (notice the slider at the top):




Download Version 2 EXE (~15KB) (you will need .NET 4 installed)

Microsoft MVP for Windows Phone Development

I’m excited to announce that Microsoft has made me a Windows Phone Development MVP for 2014! I am honored to receive it, and it is the first time that I have.


The other MVP’s (comprised of people I’ve looked up to for years) have been extremely welcoming, and seem like a great bunch. I can’t wait for the next MVP Summit to meet everyone Smile

For those interested in numbers, I am told that there are about 30 Windows Phone MVP’s in the world, and in MEA there are only 2 (one in Turkey, and me in Africa).

WP_20140113_09_50_22_Pro - Copy 

WP_20140113_09_51_07_Pro - Copy