bidorbuy for Windows Phone

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After tons of design, development, and testing (and far too many energy drinks), we’ve just published the official bidorbuy app for Windows Phone 8!

Bidorbuy is Africa’s Largest Online Marketplace serving over 1 million users a month, but you likely already knew that.
Over the past few months I’ve been working with their team to build a fully-featured, first class application for Windows Phone that embraces the Windows Phone design style, while adding its own unique brand.

It supports the full buying experience, which includes viewing and browsing items, interacting with sellers, purchasing items (credit card/bobBucks/EFT etc.), and a whole bunch of other things.

We think you’ll love it – so check out the visuals below, and then hit the link (or search for bidorbuy online shopping in the WP store).

We’ve designed the app to work well across every Windows Phone 8 device, regardless of whether you have one of the great little low-memory Lumia 520’s, or a blistering fast 1520.

We put a lot of focus on keeping the app fast and fluid.

Browse/drill-down through all the bidorbuy categories to navigate to the 1.4 million items.

Search for specific keywords, or leave the search blank to view every item.

Filter by a whole range of options, and sort the results.

View detailed information about all the items.

On auctions, tap the graph button to view an overview of the bid history.

And we have some NFC Tap-To-Share love, and will be adding more WP-specific features.


Obviously, our job is never done – so we’ll be continually improving and adding to the app. In fact, we’ve got a road-map for this already!


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  • Gareth Carver

    Well done bud. Looks good 🙂

  • Looks awesome, well done lad.

  • This just makes me want to get a Nokia / windows phone even more. More the development behind it and the OS. Might also convince me to start using bidorbuy as well

  • Hiswona

    Africa’s largest marketplace..
    that’s a lie… Come on. Not even close

  • ArchieCoder

    As a Windows Phone developer, I can say that I’m very impressed by how beautiful is this app. The animations are nicely done. Good job!

  • Oliver Manickum

    The app is bloody nice 🙂 well done !

  • Gabriel M. Pittman

    I think that this a great app, it is good enough and easy in use. I wish that it’ll become better with time like whatsapp download because if you are not update it with doing time it’ll not be more popular! But now thank you for your great job!)