Cortana as a home-automation assistant


Microsoft’s brand new personal assistant, Cortana, is getting a lot of people excited at the moment. Even though it is in beta, I’ve found it surprisingly good, and already use it for practical reasons daily.

So why not take it a bit further? What about letting her control my lights – because, yes, giving an AI access to deadly electricity is a great idea (no, really, it is).

This uses a Netduino, Bluetooth module, and a normal 240v desk-lamp.

  • Robert Iagar

    Open source that! Looks really cool! Didn’t know Cortana can do that.

  • Karthikeyan

    I’m your new fan, and you’re my new hero!

  • Mascetti

    Hi, are you planning to release the sources of this?
    Looks amazing, would really love to make something similar with my WP :)

    • PiRhAnAs

      Actually, cortana doesn’t do anything special here. The old plain Voice commands that has been there since WP8 are perfect for this senario. You can use them for this same example here.

  • Maitreya Vyas

    Can we use Spark boards?

  • pirekare


    any project with raspberry pi ?


    Hey matt can you please tell me how to integrate cortana with my app so that i can do stuff like you did here.

  • drew

    How are you switching 240V with just an arduino?

  • johny

    Very neat! I have to ask though – did you cheat and use “it’s a bit” as the command prefix, or how else are you getting our commands/intents routed to your app? And how do you manage to return to Cortana after carrying out the command?

    • RogueCode

      Haha, yes I did cheat ;-)
      Either navigate back or throw a fake exception and it will go back.