The definitive guide to Netflix and Hulu in South Africa

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Update (6 Jan 2016):

Netflix has now officially launched in South Africa. All rejoice!
But as expected, and as I wrote below 2 years ago, the content is much more limited than other regions like the US. So with the launch of Netflix in SA, it doesn’t really change much. For the full catalog of shows, everything below is still valid.




Since the rumor a few days ago about Telkom being in talks with Netflix, some people have started realizing that you can already get Netflix in SA. It’s incredibly easy, and a number of sites have guides on how to do it but either have affiliate links to the services or have adverts attacking your eyes from every corner. I don’t know which I hate more. So here is my completely advert and affiliate-link free guide 😛


Telkom and Netflix

So, if Telkom is in talks with Netflix, why should you care about everything below? Well, Netflix is available in a lot of countries (not South Africa currently though), however the content is different per region. Basically, if Netflix does actually launch in SA there is a VERY high chance that it will only be a small subset of the content of the US version. Then there is also the chance that it could be more expensive than the US version.

On the flip side, it would be pretty awesome if Telkom bundled Netflix free with doUncapped, and maybe even added local shows like Braai Masters etc.


You’re probably with DStv at the moment (or pirating stuff). Here are the DStv prices from their website:
There are other packages but they are terrible. Even extra and compact can pretty much be excluded if you want any decent entertainment.

Although Hulu and Netflix serve a similar purpose, they have pretty different content. So if you want a good selection of most shows then it’s really worth having both.

Hulu: $7.99 / R79
Netflix: $7.99 / R79
Location trickery: $4.99 / R49
Total: R207

It isn’t all about price though. While DStv may have some content that isn’t on either Netflix or Hulu (and definitely vice versa), the biggest thing for me about having these streaming services is being able to watch any episode at any time. You don’t need to wait until it airs on TV, or cancel your life once a week at 7PM because your favorite show is on. You can also watch episodes from years ago that might never be aired on DStv again (like Firefly). And of course, if you want to spend a week bingeing on Breaking Bad (which you really should), that’s fine too.


Netflix has no adverts and Hulu occasionally has one at the beginning of an episode. The Hulu advert is usually mildly interesting or at the very least, funny.

DStv on the other hand is riddled with the absolutely TERRIBLE advertising that South Africans put up with. Every now and then I go on holiday and watch it on the room TV, and it never ceases to amaze me how many adverts they manage to stuff into a 20 minute show, and how crap they are. And I don’t want to get started on how many repeats there are of the same movie…

How to get them

The only thing stopping South Africans signing up with these services is regional blocking. Netflix and Hulu can detect that you are from SA and will show an error. So you just need something that will trick them into thinking you are a US-grown specimen.

There are tons of services that do this for you.

Some browser plugins exist which have a button to turn your US-heritage on and off. So before going to Netflix you just turn it on. This is a decent solution but pretty much limits you to watching stuff on your computer. Meh. On the bright side, Hola is free.

EDIT: Recently it was discovered that Hola may have been routing dodgy stuff through your connection:

The most popular solution is to get a VPN service which basically directs all your traffic via a server in a different country so that by the time it gets to Netflix it looks like you are actually wherever that server is. The biggest problem here is that all your traffic is routed through one more place which slows it down. Our South African internet is slow enough, no need to make it even worse. Another problem is that bandwidth is usually on a pay-per-use basis, so you can incur quite a bit of costs if you stream a lot. Finally, not every device supports connecting to a VPN so you might end up having to watch only on your PC.

This is definitely the best solution (in my opinion), and I’ve been using it for most of this year. All you do here is you change the DNS that your router uses to resolve addresses. This manages to trick Netflix/Hulu into thinking you are from the US, but none of your traffic is actually rerouted. So there is no speed decrease, and no bandwidth limits. I use, but there is a free version called Just note that Tunlr says they add artificial latency to help keep the service free, and you should not use it as your main DNS all the time (rather just turn it on when streaming – which is a mission). Tunlr has shutdown – another reason why it is worth using a paid-for service like UnoTelly.

The great thing about UnoTelly is how easy it is to set up. After signing up you will get shown a map of all their servers and you just pick the one closest to you (ours is Cape Town). Once you have the IP of that server, log into your routers admin interface and set it as the main DNS for your whole network. My router looks like this:
This website links to a bunch of guides for different makes of routers to show you how to change the DNS.

Leaving your whole network using the DNS is absolutely fine, and everything should work as usual. I play Xbox games online with it fine too.

You can also just set this on each device that will be streaming stuff, but that requires effort. Setting it in your router means that you just need to set it once and everything from your TV to your phone will magically tell websites that it is from the US.

Every time your IP address changes you will need to visit the “Update IP” page on UnoTelly. This takes 2 seconds and will only happen when you restart your router (probably almost never).

A feature that UnoTelly has over its competitors is called Dynamo. It basically allows you to switch Netflix region on-the-fly. So if you are in the mood for some British humor, just flick the switch. Something to note is that your recommendations and history are not carried across between regions, but they are saved for when you go back to the US/UK.


If you are switching from DStv then you probably want to still watch on your TV. There are a number of ways to do this.

Smart TV: If you have a smart TV, look in the app store for the Netflix and Hulu apps. This is what I use and they are very good (the Samsung ones). Note that on some TV’s you need to first change the region. Find your TV here.

Consoles: All the major consoles have apps for these services. Just check the app stores.

Update: As of January 2016, you should be able to get the apps even with SA region.

On Xbox you will need a US Xbox live account to download them. If your current region is set to South Africa, just create a new account (set to US) to download it. After that you can open the app with your regular SA account. Another requirement for Xbox streaming is that your Xbox Live account is a Gold membership. It seems silly to have Gold just for Netflix/Hulu, but if you have an Xbox and ADSL you probably already play online with Gold. You do not need a Gold membership to use Netflix/Hulu/etc on Xbox anymore.

On PS3 you will also need to sign up for a US PSN account. It’s totally free, and you don’t need to have a premium subscription like Xbox Live Gold.

Devices: Much like how your DStv decoder used to sit under your TV, you can get other devices that do the same but for Netflix/Hulu/tons of other stuff.
The nicer ones are:

Roku – ~R1600

WD TV Live – ~R1300

Apple TV – ~R1200

But there are a lot of cheaper Chinese ones like this little stick.

You can also buy a Samsung Bluray player (mine came with my home-theatre system), which also runs the Smart TV apps.

Tablets/Phones: You can also use your Windows Tablet, Windows Phone, iPad, iPhone, Android Tablet, or Android Phone for when you are in bed or away from home. If you are away from home you will need to set the DNS up on the actual device. This is not possible on Windows Phone currently. On iOS it is possible on WiFi, but on 3G you will need to have a jail-broken device, and use an app called GuizmoDNS.

ADSL speed

Of course, for all of this you need ADSL. Most people who are reading this probably already have ADSL at home so it shouldn’t factor into the costs near the top.

I’ve heard from people that it’s possible to stream Netflix and Hulu with a 1Mbps line which is R486 (including everything), but I would suggest 2Mbps+. Luckily, Telkom is bumping up all 1Mbps customers to 2Mbps next month for free.

I have a 10Mbps connection and can download stuff at around 800KB/s while Netflix is streaming, which shows that it’s only using ~20% of the line.

Some people have mentioned (including UnoTelly themselves) that you cannot use Telkom as an ISP with UnoTelly. That is completely false. My line and data is with Telkom (doUncapped) and the $4.99 UnoDNS package from UnoTelly works perfectly.


If you are a video-phile and don’t accept anything less than HD then you may be out of luck. Most of these services seem to struggle to use the full line speed, so quality isn’t as good as it could be. On PS3 Amazon Prime apparently will stream a max of 480p even on a 10Mbps line.If you are using Netflix on a PC, you can force the higher quality by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S.


Update (6 Jan 2016): You can now use your real South African address for Netflix.

All you need is a credit card or cheque card (with a CVV on the back) for Netflix, Hulu, and UnoTelly. They will ask for an address and ZIP code, so just make up the address (or find a random business) and pick a random ZIP code from here. Your local South African credit card will work just fine. Another great way to generate fake details about your American persona is this website.

You can also sign up for a US Paypal account and add your South African credit card or cheque card to it, and then pay with that. I have not tried this myself, but I’ve heard it works.

Another option is Entropay, which is a way to get a virtual US credit card. This can be very useful sometimes for places that check where your card is from, but note that there are pretty big fees.

Other services

Of course there are WAY more services that this unlocks than just Netflix and Hulu. Some examples are the BBC iPlayer, UFC Live, Amazon Instant, and Spotify.

 Not convinced?

[Or maybe you just want to test out if your internet is fast enough]
Try out Tunlr (mentioned above) which is the free DNS service, and sign up for a trial of Netflix or Hulu. Both have trials long enough to see what content is on offer and see if streaming will work for you. And it won’t cost you a cent. Note: For using Netflix with Tunlr you will need to “whitelist” your IP by going to this Tunlr page.

Have fun, and feel free to ask me stuff in the comments below, or on Twitter.

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  • Awesome stuff. Thanks for sharing.

    • RogueCode

      No problem 🙂

    • Joe Blank

      Actually Tunlr is working again and it is free currently! It would seem they are in open beta and are started up again.

  • auriga1000


  • Shaun

    How much data does the service use?

    • iHateDstvAndTelkomAndVodacom

      lol really?
      The data can go from 1GB to 1TB depending on your streaming habit. Don’t use this service with a capped account.

    • RogueCode

      Yeah, really hard to tell.
      If my afternoon-math is right then it uses about 720MB per hour. Regardless of the actual number, it’s really worth only using this on uncapped.

      • Eben

        Or you Can opt for a 50GB AFrihost Capped account…( Much faster?)

  • marnus89

    Thanks for Sharing! Well compiled and informative!
    Will give it a go!

  • Gracia

    Hi. Can you download and save shows on devices like the Apple TV or is it also just for streaming. Also what happens when you have 3 tvs in your house. Do you need 3 devices like the roku/Apple TV?

    • RogueCode

      No, you cannot download shows on those devices. I imagine you could on a PC but it’s probably more effort than it is worth considering there is no effort to how many shows you can watch.

      Yeah, you would need a different device on each TV unless you run some video cables between them – but even then you will be watching the same shows on each TV.

  • Sandy

    Hey …… Ive managed to get Hulu ok but Im having a problem wit Netflix payment ….. every credit card number I enter gets an error saying a valid cc number is needed ???? any idea why ???

    • RogueCode

      That’s odd. I’ve heard of people having problems with Hulu and credit cards, but not Netflix. I would suggest trying out another card if you have one (preferably a different bank?). Or attempting to sign up for a US PayPal account with your SA card (I have been told that this works) and paying with that.

      • Sandy

        so strange …..have tried 3 cards ….. Paypal us account asks for bank details …. account number and other Us details

  • Pieter

    Is 3G fast enough to stream?

    • RogueCode

      With good signal, yes, but you will be paying SO much for data that it probably isn’t worth it.

      • Pieter

        Thought so. In the states I had unlimited data.

      • Also, you will then have to connect via a VPN connection, which costs more than standard DNS redirecting services and is more complicated to set up. Your router/modem is not assigned a public IP address by the 3G operators. It is assigned a private IP address on their internal and protected network.

        You could ask to be put on the unrestricted APN, which then gives you a public IP address, and puts your modem on the internet, instead of on their internal protected network. I’m not sure how easy or hard it is to get them to do this. I guess it depends on which operator you choose.

        • Shahied

          3G works perfectly. I run my iPad and ps3 (close to HD) with HULU and sometimes even my laptop with HOLA at the same time. I have an unlimited sim though, so no guess on usage.

          • RogueCode

            Thanks for letting us know. What SP is this with? I assume MTN with their uncapped offering.

          • Shahied

            Yep… MTN. And I use Unotelly for DNS and the only issue is to update IP address once a week or so (there is an app on my phone for that)

  • Lions

    On Netflix can you download during the day what you want to watch that evening, ie not watch live streaming?

    • RogueCode

      No, unfortunately not.

  • Andy

    I’m getting 720p from netflix with xbox on 8meg line.

  • Danielle

    Informative, thank you for the easy to understand advice, appreciated

  • Hein

    Thanks for the info, whadda man, much obliged.

  • Hein

    I am using my a rasberryPi with xbmc to stream from my pc to my old crt tv (via wifi), can I access Netflix from the xbmc (once subscribed)?

    • From what I’ve read on a few forums, it is not possible to run Netflix on the raspberryPi. There is no native client for it – it has something to do with DRM. It won’t work from a standard web browser, because Netflix uses Microsoft Silverlight, which doesn’t run on Linux. There however is a 3rd party version of Silverlight that runs on Linux, but it doesn’t include the necessary DRM protections and security certificates.

  • ryandef

    damn! netflix has picked up that i’m in south africa even though i posted an american zip code with my credit card details. everything seems to be verified with tunlr. help!!

  • Isie

    Does the WD TV Play work as well?
    Its alot cheaper then the other media players I have seen?

    • Isie

      If any one wants to know i bought the WD Play and Netflix works 🙂

      • RogueCode

        Thanks for the heads-up! Enjoy 🙂

  • been there_done that

    Hi RogueCode, what an awesome blog you have here and many congratulations on your achievements!

    I have just installed the Holo app onto my PC’s browser and gone onto the SyFy Video site, I can download any movie from there to watch later, using Internet Download Manager it automatically senses the video and you can also choose to download HD or a lesser quality from the pop up screen. A typical 500Mb 45 min long video downloads in about 15 min, great for 8ta 60 gig (between 11pm and 5am) so I can almost download a whole series whilst sleeping!

    I don’t have a TV capable of live streaming but can watch HD on it via a USB flash stick. I Hope this helps people who want this service to watch later or at week ends.

    Many thanks for your very informative blog. I learned a lot today, much appreciated. Kind Regards, John, Randburg.

    • RogueCode

      Thanks 🙂

      Nice – hadn’t thought about that. Although I’m sure that breaks some T&C somewhere 😉

    • Get yourself a Chromecast from at R600. You’ll be able to “cast” Netflix content from your phone to your TV. Also supports Hulu, Plex, Youtube, etc. Cheapest way to get streaming content to your TV. More Chromecast apps are on the way, since Google released the API/SDK publicly.

      • G

        How to use chrome cast to stream netflix? Mine one giving trouble. Kindly help

        • Did you manage to come right? You need set up static routes on your router, to intercept the hard-coded DNS servers on the Chromecast. Simply allowing the Unotelly DNS settings to propagate to the Chromecast via DHCP won’t work.

          This is what I used to get my Chromecast running:

          I have a Netgear router, so I used the Netgear specific guide, but they’re all more or less doing the same thing.

  • J

    Hi there. I have a 4mb line but not able to stream netflix. Can anyone help me to either find out what the problem is or give me an indication of whether I should really just wait until I am able to upgrade to 10MB (not available in my area yet).

    • Isie

      I’m on a 2Mb Line and it streams.
      So not sure what your Issue is

    • RogueCode

      You should definitely be able to use this on 4Mb (even 1Mb can work).
      Which ISP are you with? I’d check with them what is up with your internet. I was on Telkom uncapped until the beginning of the year when they changed something and the speeds started sucking.
      I’m with Afrihost Business Uncapped now and it is pretty awesome (note that their normal uncapped is apparently still crap).

      • I’m on Afrihost’s regular 4mbps uncapped, and it works great for me. On Netflix, Hulu and Amazon instant.

    • First, a few questions:
      – What device are you using to stream Netflix?
      – What error message are you getting?
      – What region unblocking service are you using?
      – Which ISP and data package are you using?

      With this info, we might be able to help you out.

  • cynthia

    i am a bit annoyed, i have done everything you said in detail and nothing works!! been sitting for 2 days trying to get it worked and nothing. could not get the cape town ip number working, then put in a jhb. the paypal does not work at all for me, made up a united states address, does not accept my card. made a normal us paypal with my sa address, surprise…does not work. i cannot understand how everyone says it is so easy, it is not easy!!!! give reason why???

    • Isie

      Cape town IP on Unotelly is down USe JNB.
      Im not sure about Pay pal i just used my Credit card, didn’t put any address in I just used a valid Zip code (90210)

    • It isn’t easy. Its actually rather complicated, especially if you aren’t technically minded, and haven’t done your homework properly.

      The first step is to get UnoTelly up and running. For this you can use a regular South African credit card. You’ll know that UnoTelly is set up correctly when it tells you so from its setup page, and when you can access the Netflix website (i.e. it doesn’t tell you “Sorry, your region is not supported”). Follow the instructions on the UnoTelly website, then proceed to the next step.

      Btw – how far did you get? What have you signed up for already? What device are you trying to use to stream?

      • Isie

        For Uno telly you don’t need a card to register – and its free for the firs 8 or so days, only after that will you need to put payment.
        ‘Netflix on the other hand wont register with out one and im assuming uno telly is set up or you wont even get to the registration screen on Netflix.
        I assumed Cynthia is having problems at netflix?

        90210 worked for me but I saw on MYBB some one else had a problem that didnt work for them and they did the following:
        “I used the postal code that is on my credit card statement which is 1619, went to and found a valid zip code for my postal code which in my case was 41619, and hey presto it finally went though.”

  • Yasser

    Thanks for this information. I bought an Xbox today and to get the Xbox Live US account, it seems like I need to put in a US address and phone number. It’s failing at this point so I don’t know if they’re cross-referencing it with my Nokia WP8 SA phone number? Any way around inputting US details to purchase an Xbox Live US account?

    • Johann Victor

      Hi Yasser did you come right ? how did you get past the US Account details. I have also created a US account it seems like i can download XBOX Live Gold account..

  • DumbSA

    Very awesome blog man – I set everything up in like 10 min max. I tried Tunlr first but UnoTelly is far superior so switched almost immediately. Thanks again!

  • BlackWasp

    Great article thanks. I got everything set up via unotelly and my PS3. I get into the Netflix app fine, but as soon as I start a movie, it loads to 25% and then says something like “This title cannot be played now. Please try again later” , I am on a 4MB uncapped MWEB connection. Note: i am running the PS3 Wifi connection to the router. Any help? Is it because of lag/ping/speed? Regards

    • RogueCode

      Sorry for the slow reply. No idea why this would be. That is definitely fast enough. Try it on your PC – it could be something with the connection to your PS3.

  • BlackWasp

    I tried last night. I got it working after the first try!

    • RogueCode

      Nice, and it is free currently!

  • interested….

    can you use a mastercard debit card?

    • RogueCode

      Any card that has a CVV number on the back should work.

  • Antony

    Have a PAce Router and I cannot change the DHCP IP to UnoDNS without taking off PPOE option

  • Michael Bouffe

    Hey Man, thanks for the awesome Blog post, I signed up last night for Netflix and Hulu and am already half way through “United states of Tara”. awesome. my question then is what do you guys do about sports?

    • RogueCode

      That was an awesome show. Checkout Orange is the new black next!

      I saw this site being mentioned yesterday on MyBroadband for streaming sport:

      • Michael Bouffe

        Flip you are quick, thanks alot.

      • Michael Bouffe

        I probably should have mentioned that I am currently watching both on my Smart TV samsung and LG, any ideas for an app on there?

    • Salmon

      Try You will be able to stream any live sport in any region.

  • PSP

    Just a headsup – I see Tunlr has closed down

    • RogueCode

      Thanks for letting me know! I’ve edited the article.

  • Scooby070707

    Great article, set up everything in 10 min max, Got Netflix free 1 month to test & I use Tunnelbear to mask my IP & all work 100%. Just need to test my PS3 now 🙂

    • Great stuff. Next on your to-do list – teach a friend, colleague, relative or even a stranger.

    • RogueCode

      Sweet, glad to hear it!

      And +1 to what InTheCube said – spread the word!

  • Ian Els

    Hi. Very helpful article, thanks. I have downloaded the trials and want to sign up but i have two questions i’m hoping you can help with…1. on a 4mbps streaming seems fine…does that mean it should always be fine or will there be slow times when i cant view anything without it spooling for ages? 2. quality on hulu looks awesome but not so on netflix…could that be a setting i have wrong or what can i do to improve it?
    Thanks again for a great article…

    • RogueCode

      It really depends on your ISP and a bunch of other factors. I’d recommend trying to stream during business hours (when your service is most likely to be shaped) – if that works then it is pretty safe to assume that things will be fine. And a 4Mb line should do fine at any time. By the way, when streaming video, “spooling” is generally known as “buffering”.

      I can’t remember where I changed it, but there is a setting that allows you to select low or high quality. I got this from their FAQ so it might help:

      Navigate to Your Account.
      Select Playback settings.
      Under Data Usage, click High.
      Click the Save button.

    • It depends on which media player you are using for Netflix. But usually all the Netflix clients will automatically detect your connection speeds, and adjust the quality to match. On the Roku 3, there is no way to adjust the settings on Netflix. However, you can tell your Roku 3 under the general settings, what type of TV you have connected (720p or 1080p) and I guess all the apps (like Netflix) running on the Roku will try to match this quality as best as they can.

      On my 4mbps line, when wathcing something on Netflix, the quality will start off a bit crappy, but within 30-60 seconds, it will improve, until I get 720p. So don’t judge Netflix by the first few seconds.

      • RogueCode

        As far as I know, the apps will try match what the website setting is set to. I know it made a big difference on my Samsung TV when I changed the website setting (but that was probably a year ago).

        • Thanks. I haven’t really tried the website out because the Silverlight plugin always seems to crash Firefox. I’ll check it out. But so far I’m very happy with the quality on my 720p screen.

          BTW – what IS the website setting about? Is it connection speed? Or screen resolution? Or both?

  • Scooby070707

    So just an update on my experience.

    I got myself a Western Digital Media streamer for R829, nifty little thing.

    Subscribed to Unotelly and changed my DNS settings, then went onto sign up with Netflix & Hulu Plus. Even with a 2mb line streaming runs like a dream. Hulu plus quality for me is a little better then Netflix but that’s just me.

    Total I am paying is $24, the other great thing is that you can buy 12 month Subscriptions on eBay for much less then the monthly premium.

    As for Sports you can always sub to they have a trial for 2 days thats cost GBP 0.99 there after its €5.99 per month. It does not have the EPL but it does stream Super Rugby & Heineken Cup

    Only problem, my wife hogged the damn TV the whole of Sunday to watch Grey’s Anatomy starting from Season 1. lol

    So thanks for all the info, I am well underway and Monochoice can kiss my ass & I am saving R780 a month by giving them the boot.

    Already got a few friends that are pretty keen to get this done as well 🙂

    Scooby out

    • Awesome stuff. Thanks for sharing, and welcome to the real world. Be sure to hook as many friends as you can. MultiCrap NoChoice needs a nice good kick up it’s bottom.

  • Shahied

    Works a charm We have been using this setup a few months now. I buy the hulu account by purchasing a gift card for myself, and UNOtelly is the best fro DNS. Also I run dual feeds (PS3 and iPad) running different movies off a single router with only a 3G connection! Thanks for putting all the info in one place. I will link to FB so i can also stop explaining it to everyone.!

  • Wayne

    Hi There,

    Is it possible to load Netflix or Hulu on a wesetrn digital live TV hub?


  • Faiek Galant

    Awesome , just about the most infomative article about netflix from a SA perspective , you covered everything !! Thanks

    • RogueCode


  • ShanRSA

    Amazing, thanks for the share

  • Ayo DocMkize

    Yeah I have been on this services for week now currently streaming on my Macbook Air at 1080p,with UnoTelly services, The cool thing about it is i am using my Vodacom 3G moderm to connect to the internet,I am in the process of setting up my Wi-FI and Fibre 7MB fibre connection.Great Alternative to DStv streaming at any point in time.

  • Dead_Lemon

    I would recommend VCpay for payment, its a free local virtual credit card service, and you install the app on your phone. I use it with all online purchases, from steam to ebay, and can be recharged via EFT or by depositing money straight into your account at checkers and such (uses the Easypay wallet)

    Thanks for the tutorial! Some great info!

  • wayne

    good day,i am from cape town ,if there is someone out there that can help me set this up ill appreciate it ,i am not a tech guy,please help,email me at

    • It’s not that hard. You just need some guidance. Give us more info and we can assist. What media player do you intend using? Is it your Smart TV, or a Roku, or PS3, or something else? What speed ADSL line do you have, which ISP, and which data package?

      • Andre

        I just ant to change the DNS settings on my WD live and not on my wifirouter, will that work?

  • Isie

    Matt you can update this WRT the Xbox (360 and one) A gold subscription is no longer needed,Just update your XBox with latest update(Released June 05 2014). Tested and works perfectly fine.

    • RogueCode

      Thanks! Done.

  • Quintin Naicker

    Hi im having trouble updating credit card info after my card expired and have now created a us paypal account can you confirm that us paypal account would work with a south african credit card

  • flamevector

    wanted to say thanks for the info 🙂 made my life so easy.

  • Vlam

    Thanks for sharing – been trying to follow the advice, but being non-tech informed, it’s a slow process. Have been hitting a wall somewhere along the line – so far I’ve bought the Roku 3, set up virtual credit card with Entropay and set up VPN on my PC using Hide-My-Ass. However, somehow I assume that my region is still visible as I can’t access Netflix, Hulu etc. I’m currently using a Netgear router which is not VPN enabled and using wi-fi to connect to the Roku in another room – could that be where the system picks up what region I’m in? I’ve set up Roku account as a US address, but IP address still seems to be local – don’t know how to reset… Is the only option to get a VPN router? These seem pretty pricey and I’m not sure that they will work.
    Also – I see that there has been a clampdown on the DSN side as the US and UK see this as a channel for minors being able to view adult content. Is it likely that a clampdown on the VPN side will follow? If so, will there still be a viable method to view the Netflix / Hulu type channels?
    Lengthy post, I know, but any advice would be appreciated.

    • RogueCode

      Hey there.
      As far as I understand, your PC is connected to the VPN and your Roku is connected directly to the router via WiFi? If so, that won’t work. The Roku connecting to the router means that it doesn’t make a difference what the PC is connected to (or not) as it is bypassed.
      The solution here is:
      a) Connect the Roku to the VPN – I’m not sure if they support this.
      b) Connect the router to the VPN (but as you said, there is special hardware required).
      c) Connect the Roku to the PC on an adhoc network which will then give the Roku connection via the VPN. This then means that you need the PC on all the time which is a waste.
      d) Just use the DNS method in the blog post using UnoTelly (or other). As far as I know only Hulu did any blocking of these DNS providers and have since stopped. So you’re good to go with the DNS method. If UnoTelly was blocked they will likely find a way around it as it is their whole business.

      • Vlam

        Thanks a mil – appreciate the feedback. Yes, Roku is connected directly to the router via WiFi – so I guess that’s my error. I’ll give the DNS method a shot and see whether that solves my problem. If it works for others, it should work for me and would be preferable to getting a VPN router as there wouldn’t be the associated loss of speed. Will give feedback once I’ve tried it all out.

  • LPAnno

    Hey Rogue, Have you had any problems with Telkom in the last year with live streaming? The reason I ask is because we are thinking of doing this, but just read an article where telkom made it clear that they will not tollerate users who uses uncapped internet to stream live tv. We have uncapped internet and downloaded content to watch from torrent sites, our internet was blocked due to accessive data ussage. So I want to know if you have been effected at all and what you would suggest.

    • RogueCode

      Since this blog post I’ve actually moved onto Afrihost Business. Netflix started lagging during the day and my wife was on holiday so I had no choice 😛

      Both Telkom and MWEB both have bad usage policies (MWEB being the worst). Their shaping generally effect “non-essential” services which is anything besides standard HTTP.

      Afrihost Business is awesome and unshaped, but expensive. I’ve heard bad things about their standard service though.

      So basically, stay away from MWEB definitely, but I don’t know 100% about others.

      It’d probably be worth making a post over on MyBroadband where a whole range of people can respond. If you get a solid answer maybe let us know here too 🙂

      • You could use a high cap account as well. Depending on your usage, it might work out cheaper than business uncapped. 10mbps line + 150GB bundle works out to R638 with Afrihost. It’s perfect for my needs, I’ve never hit the 150GB cap, and 90% of my data traffic is to Netflix and Hulu. Afrihost capped data is unshaped, and is of the same quality as business uncapped.

    • Steve

      I am having issues with changing my DNS on a D-Link 2750U router. I am not sure what i am doing wrong? Any help? Using Unotelly.

      • Isie


        easy enough.

        just log into the router.

        click on advanced.

        on the left click on DNS

        click the Use the following DNS server addresses button

        then in the preferred and alternate DNS server put in 2 of your Unotelly DNS choices. (cape town and JNB work ok)

  • Cathy W. Leavitt

    Thanks for the article Matt. VPN is good if you want to hide your real location. However, about content streaming, I prefer the DNS option. Currently, I am using UnoTelly and have no speed loss which allows me HD streaming with my 10mbps connection.

  • Mitchell

    Thanks! This is the best South African guide to this that I have come across.

  • Curious…

    Great article…i would like to know how the xchange work on netflix…my subscription is $6.99…but my bank charge is R127…is there perhaps a simple explanation…ty again Auther

    • RogueCode

      Which bank are you with? I’m with FNB. If I look in my statement, it looks like I’m getting charged $8.69, which translates to R98.53.
      I’m going to assume there is a 25% tax somewhere along the way. Maybe it is higher with your bank.

  • Bern

    Dude, thanx for sharing such amazing info. I’m using a Lumia 520 WindowsPhone. In your article u mention that it is not yet supported. Is it still not yet supported? If it is now supported, please may u help me with a quick guide to setup Netflix or Hulu on it. I saw the Netflix App for Windows phone in the Application Store just now. Thanx.

    • RogueCode

      Yeah, unfortunately it still isn’t possible to set a custom DNS on Windows Phone. However, you can still use set it on your router as the main DNS for your network and your phone will then work too.

      • Chuck D

        I cannot find in the threads, so if i missed it – sorry. I cannot seem to get the Netflix or Hulu app on my Samsung Note 4. I have read about downloading an APK, but I dont know from where or which one. Please advise

        • Isie

          Hi Chuck

          You wont find it on Google play – and AFAIK the latets APK automatically routes throigh google DNS.

          Im not sure if this link is still active –
          but this is the APK i used that should work on your Note 4 –

  • James

    i have had Unotelly for 4 months now, looooooving it, wow wow wow, i have however had a few issues with Telkom and being throttled at my peak evening watching hours, i have recently moved from uncapped 10mb to capped 100gig 10mb line, i spoke to a few consultants at Helkom, and they have told me that if you have a capped account, you have preference over uncapped clients, this is my second day with new capped account, and it does seem better. thanks for your post

  • David

    A quick question, has anyone got it to work with super sport and actually watched the rugby ?

  • The buda

    Hi guys,
    Anyone there who can help. I am totally , totally useless on computers and electronic devices. I am based in Jhb, in sunny SA,is there anyone I can get out to come out and set up my Apple TV or should I just go Roku 3, that sounds easier to set up.
    I will pay a call out fee,

  • henry

    I got a ps4 with the playstation plus acount. And want to change it to US but does that mean I need to create a new acount plus the Playstation plus acount.? Or just change region?

  • Stuart

    Thanks for this, it was a huge help. So I’ve setup Netflix through Apple TV. Now is there any way to get Super Sport as well?

  • Novanod

    Awesome guide – can’t wait to get stuck into setting this up – question – does netflix not detect if your IP changes to a different location? and i see you mention a bank charge in paying for Netflix from FNB (+-25%), would Paypal not be cheaper i think it is 3.9% + $0.30 USD –

  • Debs

    I am having a problem with getting my chromecast to show Netflix
    I have tried changing the DNS settings on the router but it still fails
    Any advice?

    • You need to set up static routes on your router/modem, which intercepts DNS queries and re-routes them to Unotelly. The Chromecast is hard-coded to use Google DNS, and others. It doesn’t use the DNS settings provided by DHCP by your router. There are instructions for the Chromecast on the Unotelly website. Check it out.

  • Franklin Williams

    Anybody experiencing any problems since the recent developments regarding blocking of VPN’s?

  • reemacks

    I have just purchased a Samsung smart tv and have followed your instructions for setup, however when I come to watch on the tv it comes up with an error message as if the new tv does not have windows installed or similar !!! an advise ?

    • RogueCode

      Sorry, I’m not sure I follow. What does the error say?

  • Krish

    Hi there thanks for the article. I just signed up for the free 8 trial with unotelly. I am using my iPad for now and have also changed the DNS server server settings.
    Should I use the one they have allocated to me on signing up? Then must I log onto the netflix site and sign-up for the free trial?

  • Krish

    Thanks. Unotelly works. I have also managed to sign up with Netflix.
    While I am able to change the DNS server on my iPad, I cannot seem to change the settings on the router configure scrip. I am using a telkom supplied router (duo plus). I did try to log into Netflix but get invalid address error.

    • RogueCode

      The computer (etc) that you’re using might have its own DNS set. I would suggest setting your PC DNS settings to point to the IP of your router (generally or Or set them directly to UnoTelly like you did on the iPad (this is less convenient, but a decent last resort).

  • Pauline Bitton

    It’s so much for being so explicit. Firstly I would like to know where I can buy a rocky and secondly how can I stream the latest bbc series

  • Krish

    Hi there,
    Getting frustrated as I cannot find the right screens on my router to update the DNS server settings to the unotelly Cape Town server. Please help

    • Isie

      Hi Krish
      What router do you have

    • Scooby070707

      Would be best to go google what router you have and they will give you step by step guide to change your DNS settings.

      Also it’s a good idea to run both Cape Town and Joburg setting, use CT as your Primary and Jhb as secondary.

      Had a problem in the past by just running one of them and having to change it every few days

  • Wazzam

    Hi there, great thread and explanation. Thank you.
    Anybody got advise on an “HDCP unauthorised. Content disabled.” error on the Roku 3?“. Brand new device and have tried everything i’ve found on the net. New cable, switching off and unplugging devices and TV, blowing dust out of HDMI ports etc…

    Get full Roku display and apps etc. When playing any content this error appears but have sound with no picture. I’m ready to pull my hair out.

  • Jewells

    Hi, thanks for the informative info. Do you know if the Amazon Fire TV will work in SA, the same as the Apple TV?

  • Greg

    Thanks for the article. I’d like to just double check the consequences for my PS3: if I go the Unotelly route do I have to sign up for a US PSN account? Is there an easy way to circumvent the Unotelly routing or would I have to login to my router and change the DNS settings back if I wanted to login to my existing PSN account? Thanks!

  • Kendra

    That’s a good article! I personally prefer UnoTelly. It’s similar to Unlocator but they offer a DNS server close to physical location and I can achieve better performance.

  • Ryan

    Great post! Used it to set up unotelly and netflix on my samsung smart tv. great until our power went out and the router was reset? Any ideas how to fix it? Tried changing the region back to sa then back to USA and nothing works. Please hel

    • clint

      You need to login to Unotelly and change your IP. It will do it for you.

  • munchy22

    you have to create a false American persona? really? I just use my own details and purevpn in the uk and I get any countries Netflix. I just log in with my details.

    • Isie

      the fake American or other persona is to register on netflix.
      uno telly gives you the same, you can have access to any country available in netflix

  • Megan

    Hi there. Does Hola restrict you from receiving the latest movies on Netflix?

    • Isie

      You will receive what ever movies are avaliable for netflix for the region you set.
      if you looking for movies currently on circuit you won’t see that on netflix no matter what region you set.

      • Megan

        Thanks so much.

  • Stef

    Great article, tx! Some additional points…

    – For more “recent” programs, Hulu actually shows more ads than just in the beginning, much like DSTV, etc. except that they are better and shorter (1 or 2, 10 second ads, every 10 or so minutes).
    – There are other DNS providers (not just Unotelly) that allows for region-switching.
    – The DNS solutions do not work if your ISP intercepts or redirects all outgoing DNS requests.

  • Nakita

    Hi there our ip address page refresher was saved on my ipad and its broken, can someone please send me the ip page refresher we aren’t able to watch anymore and haven’t watched in 4 email is kind regards nakita

  • Pauline Bitton

    Thanks soon much for this info. Which streaming device should I buy?. I see this article was written in 2014 so I’m just wondering if there are any new cheaper streaming devices

    • Isie

      Hi Pauline

      In the last few years more device’s are now available in Sa and prices are cheaper.
      Check out Takealot for chrome cast Roku 3 or wd tv. Check the price and specs there is no definite answer you need to decide which is best for you if course the Roku is the best since it probably has the most services but the wd tv would be the easiest to set up.
      Also if you already have a ps3 ps4 xbox 360 or xbox one you are all set for netflix

    • Matt Bayley

      I wouldn’t go for anything besides the Roku 3. It is unanimously accepted as the best.

  • Matt Bayley

    Is this still relevant? Someone told me that netflix is clamping down on the dns loopholes…?

    • Isie

      Hi Matt
      Still works for me.
      Does Some even use netflix or unotelly?

      • Matt Bayley

        Na I asked a techy mate in the UK. Cool! Good to hear. Thank you.

        • Isie

          Not entirely impossible. They did force dns look recently on the android app. But for the time being it works fine on the older versions of the app

  • Just thing to mention, no South African LG smart TV can get the Netflix App, so LG smart Sucks, use PS4 or apple Tv or something

  • Dolores van der Hooft

    I have a LG smart tv with webOSfirmware – I am not able to download the netflix app – as I cant see USA or UK in my list of countries. Advice anyone?

  • Gretchen

    How do I sort my LG Smart TV out? I’m unblocked but cannot set it up

  • Margo Mullineux

    Had Apple TV installed yesterday but was disappointed as the “streaming” was interrupted at short intervals to “reload” while trying to watch Netflix. We have an uncapped ADSL Telkom line 4mg speed and apparently the max in our area. Our service provider is Mweb details : 2mBPs uncapped standard data . This is all Greek to me so I hope I’m making sense with the information. Any explanation as to the interruption and how to solve the problem?

    • Warren Zwick

      your line is 4MB but your ISP is slowing you down to 2MB
      get hold of Mweb and tell them you want a 4MB account

  • Katya Evans

    Been using Apple TV & Unotelly & Netflix for years, now just bought the new Apple TV and because it now uses Apps & Appstore you can’t download the apps without confirming payment details in the Apple ID – and then rejects South African Credit cards due to not matching the USA Address & Zipcode entered to create the USA Account… any suggestions?

  • Shaun

    Hi there, has anyone else had any issue subscribing to Hulu?

    I subscribed to Unotelly, set up my DNS and was able to subscribe to Netflix with my SA credit card with no issue. I can’t seem to subscribe to Hulu though, it keeps rejecting my credit card details saying it needs to come from an American institution. have tried changing the zip code to an American one closest to mine, but it’s not working.

    Anyone have any similar issues with Hulu?

  • Since Netflix is available in SA now, you can just use your normal stuff and add the app on your Xbox. None of the DNS/VPN jumping through hoops needed.

    Also disagree with ” There is no point to having an SA Xbox live account” – it is WAY easier with an SA account. Having a US account means having to use voucher websites and all kinds of annoying hoops. SA account means simplicity and ease. That is just my experience with having both.

    • RogueCode

      Well, as expected, the SA version of Netflix is missing tons of content. So yes, this is still needed.

      You don’t have to use vouchers for a US xbox account. South African credit cards work fine. Also, these days, you can simply change the region of your Xbox One at anytime without changing your actual Xbox Live region. But these days there is more point to an SA account than before, so I’ll go edit that bit now.

      • Personally I would rather support them as a South African to show Netflix there is a valuable market here so they add that “missing” content. If Netflix thinks there isn’t anyone interested it will never improve. If we do not support the local stuff, we don’t get anything better.
        Same for content, it isn’t missing – they just don’t have the license for SA since the license owner either has existing agreements or it is too expensive. If Netflix sees that there is value here, it motivates them to get those licenses too since it becomes viable.
        Remembering it isn’t just Netflix, if Hulu sees that there is a big SA market maybe that motivates them and others to.

        • RogueCode

          Yes, but you can still do that. Sign up for an “SA” account, then use UnoTelly to switch region when you want to watch something that isn’t in SA.
          UnoTelly has a “dynamo” feature which lets you switch region at will, so you can stay in SA to support Netflix’s analytics as long as you like but still get proper content when you want.

          On the flip side of your argument though, I think there is a much higher chance of them adding new content based on seeing people using UnoTelly just to watch it. If they see people are spending extra $ just to watch show x, they *know* it will be successful. Much more so than just seeing lots of SA people are using Netflix and *assuming* that they will like show x.
          And we all know that they can totally tell when someone is using DNS tricks. If they wanted to enforce it, they could.

        • Isie

          It’s not netflix that purposely leaves out the content. Its who owns the broadcast rights in that country.
          So for SA what ever content is missing is because Multi choice (probably )had the broadcast rights to that.
          An example i noticed curtently is house of cards was missing from Netflix Sa although it’s a netflix produced show

    • Isie

      Hi Robert
      Netflix now in SA makes it easier to sign up. Though I’m still keeping my unotelly dns service as the content iv Sa is still limited compared to the other countries. Also with unotelly I can change my netflix country easily without having many accounts so I can view what’s available in differnt countries.
      As for xbox 360 I have a sa live acount I just changed the local for a secondary profile on my xbox to usa and downloaded netflix then it was available to all my other accounts b including the one linked to Sa Xbox live

  • nucleotired

    How can I watch the US version of Netflix or Hulu on my iPhone? IS there a way for that? I seriously just wanna move to the US to get all the cool stuff they have instead of jumping through all these hoops, but for now how do I watch on my phone?

    • RogueCode

      Yup. Read the DNS setup section in the article above. If you setup the UnoTelly DNS in your router, your iPhone (and other devices) will inherit that.

      • nucleotired

        Thank you, I will try your procedure…even with my limited amount of tech-savvy skills.

  • Ms

    thanks Rogue. The info was invaluable and ive signed up to both netflix and hulu plus. I do have a question/problem though: i’ve got a chromecast device, which works fine when i cast either netflix or hulu from my pc. However, i’m not able to do the same when casting from the respective android apps – on netflix it gives me some random error for most, not all, content… while for hulu it says i not in the USA. i’m using both apps on my local wifi (where i have unoDNS setup on the router). After trying a few things i have even updated the dns settings for the local wifi to static with unoDNS on my android device/mobile as well – no luck! anyone have a similar issue which they were able to resolve?

  • Liezl Nienaber

    Hi guys and gals. I need help. I used unotelly to get my new DNS settings for my xbox 360. Netflix worked 100% after that. The day after the installation I tried to get into Netflix again and it didn’t work. It showed the “movies and tv” tab that showed that it picked it up as an “american” account, which is good, but as soon as I chose to sign in on my xbox live account using my gamertag, so that I can actually open Netflix, it instantly removes the “movies and tv” tab which means it is back to SA and I can’t connect to the US Netflix. How can I fix that? Is it a problem with my gamertag location settings or what? Please help!! I need to watch series. Haha

  • Mo

    Netflix and Hulu all of a sudden not accepting my SA credit card? Is there another method I can use? 🙁

  • CluelessinEL

    I own a PS3 and live in East London. Totally clueless when it comes to tech issues. Is there anyone who can help me set up Netflix and anything else in EL?

  • James

    Hi there.

    Tried your guide. Got into Netflix, but I can only access the SA content. When I set up Unotelly and changed my DNS, Dynamo selected the USA or UK country, Netflix, it now seems, has become wise to such trickery and if I try and access my Star Trek series for example, comes up with this error message

    ‘You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy. Please turn
    off any of these services and try again’

    Do you have any updated suggestions as to how to access the international Netflix content? The local selection is pretty limited? Original Netflix shows are ok, but I want the good stuff that is only available in these other countries?
    Is there another method, or even another service provider like Unotelly one can try?
    Thanks in advance

  • Leon de Kock

    Hi – I am a technological dinosaur. I’d like to get around the SA thing and fool the net into thinking I am a US customer. Then I want HBO and/or Netflix (and Willow for cricket) on the US$ subscription. Is there anyone who can help me set this up for a reasonable fee once I have ADSL 4Mbps set up?

  • Steven Smith

    Thanks a lot for sharing such a useful article. You have discussed all possible ways of accessing Netflix and Hulu from SA. I just want to share my personal experience. I have tried both Smart DNS and VPN. It seems to me that VPN makes internet connection too slow. So my vote goes to Smart DNS service. Currently, using DNS service of “Hide-My-IP”.