Nokia Lumia 1020 photos from a non-photographer

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I take a lot of photos with my phone wherever I go, and I always have. But I am very far from being a photographer or even knowing anything about it (I don’t even know what the rule of thirds is). This means that I cannot justify buying an actual DSLR (nor would I carry it around with me), but like having something that can take good photos. And I think that is what makes me the perfect target-market for the Nokia Lumia 1020.

This phone is mindblowing. You point it in a general direction, tap the capture button, and magically a good image is produced more often than not. The Nokia ProCam app also has lots of settings that would be useful if I had any idea what they did Smile with tongue out.

Below are some photos I took on a recent trip to Cape Town, South Africa (one from Sweden too). These are scaled down versions of the 41MP originals, but are not edited in any way at all.

A Church in Lund, Sweden:

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  • Jamo

    That’s insane. Does a much better job than my point and shoot camera. Those are amazing photos!

  • Deanos

    Been following this phone since it was just a drawing!!!!
    Can’t wait to get my grubby paws on this!!!!

  • I love the Lund photo – I’ve lived in Lund for quite a few years and never seen a photo like that. My 1020 arrived last Monday but the back button’s backlight is damaged. I’ll definitely take a cathedral photo once I have mine, though.

  • donwavis

    great photos, i have a 920 but want the 1020 sooooo bad

    • Harley22x

      I had a Surface RT, posted it online, and some guy traded me a brand new 1020 for it. Luckily he already had a phone (he won the 1020) so I got a 920 and 1020 now. The picture quality difference is outstanding. Especially when using flash. The Xenon flash is SUPERB.

      • Deanos

        Lucky bastard!!!!

        • Harley22x

          It was by chance. Origionally, I had my 920 and Surface together for a trade, but since he already had a phone, he was only interested in the Surface. I wanted a yellow one, but the one he has was black :(. But, downfall was I now dont have a Surface anymore. :'( lol. Sell my 920 and get a Surface 2! Brilliant! Lightbulb moment haha.

  • ebrahim saad


  • Will

    Great shots! I really want the 1020 but alas I am on contract with my 920 (which I love – and takes good shots as well). Maybe the next gen 1020 for me. The only thing it appears to need is a bit more horsepower for image processing speed, which wp will get with gdr3.

  • Ishamuddin Abd Majid

    …eager to upgrade the exist it

  • Great shots. I love the bokeh effect that you can get with that phone. I need one for myself!

  • Beni

    Upgrading from 925 soon. 🙂 Great photos.

  • what difference between Nokia and Apple? Nokia makes really better phone than previous

  • Bjørn Wang

    Can’t say that I’ve had the same great experience. At the moment I hate Nokia.

  • Warren Armstrong

    Great photos. Go ahead, call yourself a photographer.

  • SKulmala

    1020 is awesome, 1520 is big and awesome. If those two could be combined as one phone with all their great features… perfect.

  • Phil Smith

    Brilliant photos, makes me glad I bought a 1020! The Nokia Creative Suite app is great for some brilliant easy effects!

  • Johnny Lam

    Nice work man!