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Creating a Bluetooth game controller for Windows Phone with ATTiny + Arduino

It is 2014 and control-schemes on touch screens still pretty much suck. Yes, touch is suited for a lot of games, but it just doesn’t work for shooters and racing games. That’s why there are companies like MOGA making game controllers specifically designed for phones.

I decided to make my own with an ATTiny connected to Windows Phone over Bluetooth.

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Make dirt-cheap electronics with the ATTiny45 + Arduino Nano

I make a lot of little gadgets using the Netduino because it is such a good prototyping tool. The SDK and dev tools (Visual Studio) are very mature and usually just work. But mainly, being able to code in C# (including intellisense) is just awesome (the Arduino IDE is rather basic, and I’m not a fan of Wiring). The problem is that these boards start at $35 so it’s not feasible to put them into every little project – plus for most things the Netduino is far more powerful than what you need.

That’s where the ATTiny chips come in. They are a range of tiny little chips that use barely any power, and can control whatever you want them to. Plus, you can burn Arduino onto them to make the coding really easy.


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