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Playing with the Nokia Lumia 1020 shutter speed

It was Kaila’s (my Wife) birthday yesterday, and all she requested was sparklers. Turned out to be a ton of fun!


All the photos here were taken with the Nokia Camera app on my Lumia 1020. All settings were default except shutter speed was set to 4 seconds. I didn’t have my 1020 camera cover so these are all taken free hand (no tripod) which means they’re slightly blurred (pretty hard to hold a phone still for 4 seconds Winking smile). The photos are untouched besides cropping and upping the contrast a bit.


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Publish your Windows Phone app free (and R15k worth of goodies!)

Over the past few years you might have noticed a bunch of great promotions that Nokia and Microsoft have run to help get developers up and running on the platform. However, it sometimes  seems like they don’t know South Africa exists 🙁

Lance McCarthy is currently giving out Nokia Premium Developer Program tokens to people about to publish apps, but this is restricted to US and Canada. But because he is a really decent guy (and knows geography) he got the Nokia Champion program to hook me up with keys for South Africa (rejoice!).

So I am giving away Nokia Premium Developer Program keys!

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Old school ft. New school: Snake with a Lumia 920 controlling a 5110 LCD using a Netduino

Yesterday I was made a Nokia Developer Champion, and I have been working on this post on and off for a few days so the timing is perfect as a homage to Nokia.

This project definitely gave me a good helping of nostalgia, and I had more fun than any other project I’ve done.