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Varsity College

An interesting way to judge hackathons

A while back Taylor Gibb, Gordon Beeming, and I held a Windows Phone hackathon at Varsity College. Generally when we hold a hackathon the challenge is to build a Windows Phone (or Windows) app over the weekend, and then we award the “best” app with a phone etc. We walk around to each person and score their app against various criteria like quality, relevance, functionality, etc. The problem with this is that it is very formal. We aren’t in the business of rating code, and hackathons aren’t really about making the perfect app in a few hours. Hackathons are about learning and having fun.


We decided that it could be fun to let the attendees do the judging instead – but that was just as rigid and structured as us doing it. So Taylor came up with a rather interesting voting system to let attendees judge each others’ apps, which we then coded.

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Update for my AGENT 1-bit image converter (1bitter)

You may remember the little app I wrote to convert images to real 1-bit gifs for use on the AGENT smartwatch (or wherever else you need).

Yesterday @philchuang requested that I add a threshold to the app to select how colors translate to black/white, along with a live preview. It’s a pretty good idea so I’ve just added that in.

There is now a new section which has a slider at the top that allows you to select the threshold. As you slide the preview image changes. I’ve only tested on my laptop, but perf shouldn’t be a problem.


Here are a few images to demonstrate (notice the slider at the top):




Download Version 2 EXE (~15KB) (you will need .NET 4 installed)