WeatherSA for Windows Phone

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It’s that exciting time again when we get to launch another app! This time it is the official Windows Phone app for AfricaWeather:

We currently service over 1.4 million Africans via our website and mobile applications. One of the most unique features is our ability to track storms in real time, as well as provide consumers with an hour’s forewarning of when the storm will hit their suburb. We interpret weather information and make it relevant to your lifestyle. You are able to customise notifications to suite your lifestyle from daily forecasts, storm warnings, news, through to telling you the best time of day to hit the beach or go for a cycle.

Upon opening the app you’re shown the current temperature with visual indicators for the type of weather. At the bottom is an overview of the weather for the next 7 days, and you can slide up to view more detailed information. Tapping on any day will show very specific details for that day

Here is the week overview

The app is blazing fast, and was designed to get you info in a hurry because no one likes waiting for the weather to load. Here’s an example of how quick the first-time setup is

Adding regions at a later stage is just as quick

The app isn’t just a pretty face. For weather enthusiasts we have detailed maps for the country and provinces. Flipping the phone vertically lets you pan and zoom

Along with maps, you can view animations for storms, radar, lightning, and satellite

Wondering when to braai, or if it’s safe to hit the beach? Just tap activities to view an overview of the week for a range of different activities

Live-tiles are obviously one of the most important features of an app like this, so we payed particular attention to making them both look good and show you information on the fly. You can easily pin as many region to you home screen as you like

The wide tile size will show the current temperature plus temperatures for the day on the front, and a week forecast on the back

The medium tile size will show the current temperature on the front, and a 3 day forecast on the back


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  • d4zza

    Love the app! Have since removed all my other weather apps, and this one has taken their place on my start screen!

  • Man of Tin

    Well done, very sexy app.

  • Jared van Eck

    Looks very cool! now we need it on the iPhone 🙂

  • hugovermaak

    @RogueCode:disqus looks awesome!

  • danny2g

    looks really awesome,would be great if it was on android.

  • Mash

    Would love this for my Samsung

  • Mahomed Baksh

    Very Clean interface, easy to navigate, thanks for the app man:)

  • Dewald Vermaak

    Looks Awesome! Current weather app for Androod looks and feels old and outdated. Would love to see this on Android in the near future!

  • Oh wow man, this is beautiful work!